Session 2

The Jellyman

Characters present:
Kirt Kelson

As Kirt pulls his sword from the lifeless body of Big Mac, a girl bursts out from hiding and yells BIg Mac! No! She runs over to the dead body of Big Mac weeping. After a moment or two, she looks up at Kirt and Cloud and intently studies their faces. Cloud tries to console her, but to no avail. Eventually, she quickly searches Big Macs jacket, grabs something and runs. The two let her go.

Kirt invites Cloud to his meeting with the Jellyman. When they arrive at the Pink Door, they are shown into the back office where the Jellyman is waiting. Already in the office is another shadowrunner, Kevin, looking for work. After some chit-chat, the Jellyman thinks that these three may somehow, someway, form a team. He has no jobs for them currently, but to promote team building, he gives them passes to the Golden Corral in Loveland where they will be taken care of by Ms. Penelope. Kirt and Kevin partake in everything that the Corral offers, and Kirt even takes a hit of Novacoke. Cloud goes to the Corral, but does not indulge. While Kirt and Kevin are in a back room, Cloud watches the dancers and a group of UCAS soldiers from nearby Fort Lewis who are getting a bit rowdy.

The soldiers are asked to leave by the Ork bouncer: Gorgeous George, but refuse and a fight ensues. Cloud intervenes with a well timed illusion and the UCAS soldiers leave.



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