Miko Murasama

Elf - Cloud's Contact - Ancient's Ganger - C:3 L:4


Cloud saved Miko one night shortly after his reawakening. She was bloody and beat-up and had just saved the lives of an elven family living out of a warehouse office near his apartment. Judging by the scene that was there when Cloud arrived, she had bested a quartet of Humanis Policlub thugs that were having fun with the family’s patriarch. Having suffered a mortal wound herself in the struggle, Cloud barely succeeded in getting her the first aid she required. His magical skills and attention over the next two days saved her life beyond any doubt.

One of the only true friends he’s made outside of FASA, Miko helps Dragonslayer anchor him to the real world. Trouble always begins and ends where Miko is involved but the sense and power of life she extends to him goes beyond anything he’s experienced in the Matrix.

Miko is an exceptional swordswoman. She’s graceful with a blade and beautiful to behold. More than once Cloud has compared her to elven bladesingers of yore. She’s a leading member of a chapter of the Ancients gang, an elf-only go-gang enjoying multiple chapters in the Seattle area. In exchange for occasionally offering his healing services to Miko and her trusted allies, Cloud enjoys her protection, friendship, and exuberance.

Miko Murasama

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