Human - Cloud's Contact - Fixer - C:2 L:5


Final Age: Sacred Arts (FASA) character: Level 126 Tank


Cloud met Sentinel in the vastly popular online trideo game Final Age: Sacred Arts (FASA) one night while attempting a public raid on new content released in the Abyssal Labyrinth DLC. The duo made a name for themselves during a randomized event when they managed a world first kill of the Gravity Minotaur boss as the two surviving members of a 500-toon legion. Their combined skill in the encounter brought them together repeatedly as they beat other content, eventually landing them in a top-1,000 guild, Sun and Shadows (SAS). Currently Sentinel’s main toon is a level 126 Tank-type specializing in the sword and shield. Her strength and endurance skills are both over 9,000!

It wasn’t until moving to Seattle that Cloud discovered Sentinel was a local, an ex-marine or agent of some sort. They’ve met up a few times to share stories and commiserate on the need to feed their meat bodies in “RL” (real-life) usually over dinner. Until recently, she tended to log in to FASA moderately less frequently than Cloud but with the changes he’s undergone recently, she’s now the more available player.

Sentinel has a few contacts left in active service and has previously offered Cloud arms and supplies. Her extreme good looks and sexy voice make her very popular in game and out. She tends to make an impression and has a very easy time cultivating her relationships. She knows of Cloud’s intention to start some side jobs and urges him to play it safe, jokingly prodding him with “Ill need ur dps ;-)”


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