Session 3
Warren Montgomery's Will

Characters present:
Kirt Kelson

By either fate or serendipity, it turns out that all three members of the Jellyman’s newest shadowrunner team knew the now deceased Warren Montgomery in some way, and were invited to the reading of Warren’s last will and testament to be held at the law offices of Graham and Dunn, 2801 Alaskan Way, Suite 300, Seattle. It will be presided over by Anna Thrash. Upon arriving, you wait for a fourth person, O2, to show, but who never does. Eventually, the three are questioned, Cloud roughly by Jared and Larry, as to the whereabouts of a file that Warren stole. Claiming innocence, Kevin manages to strike a deal with Anna: give them three days to find the file. They are also given Warren’s old commlink.

Setting off, they go to the nearest cafĂ© to investigate the commlink. Kevin manages to acquire and piece together what’s left of Warren’s contact list:

Kimbra Dickens 7DA9F1AFD97333AE274B72985296C1C60E7B410996B3FA6AF3B6F751549DB85F
Jenniffer Begley 8709B2FBE0CE95A9467A5EEF8F43419A0E83392D8434066C3A9B3B5942EEB10D
Ike Sands 2D308C77B483DCF9CE3679A38320D453FB00CEA58C30F597A5CCD7FAD6734F6E
Eda Kessler D7EA75B8787A48E65ACEDAB1DB0FBA658478765CF6BA9434ABE48AAF6A9D63D4
Mia Horvath 06F33373FDD964A327BF0A689BBFCCE73AB3EFF0A7A75B2B1DA65B03F8474FA6
Twanda Hurd 8D154D39991616DF358D82B12BA017E8519CE8EFFA3539DD0512BE691DCC096A
Danelle Dillard D8B6D39374C18D4C8FF5177F1E73139901BD1CB13D2B2E5756A0E58841996C48
Chaya Hay AA525B75CE7A98683CBE00D55B173C86F5BA89A50E913F22A23043E4CA277295
Julianne Wallen 35C39F569573493E73D900D3F8E11D6B9E7B3BE46D4FCA4B147CFCD6D4090853
Gale Hooper 5936F759C97C96B44C5DBC643BAEAC9287970F2C73EE2CF5EE247D316B8038E7
Evelin Aguilera F1D2B7BF5562BF2BDA6AF09AA42D287EB05534FA49AE3EAA109BB7687C0A15CA
Elwood Pritchett C5CA00118CA6254A9C44589487C416781B0E172A2DFE6AC38F7D17CD0C04D65D
Dylan Hundley 379DEAC65E9F99C3A04F792A549DE6A4337E43469D44E6F2C5AF34C524012DAC
Rana Rife 00C93A267D4464235AC307474DC2229292C998615E047D699D1E14DF105FB4B7
Yee Bruce 038DD752F377AB1222F33996823E4374C439A31632432F2994276F4611E4EB88
Carmen Crespo 8D7F1692D7227CFFD96328C94DBDE611C2D64A7E985D6C6CCB66FF9901FA3640
Librada Cobbs 204A95D1EAE4BC38336BC45A0B3B0447DB2714C44D83C2A5B65B6B8BB848E73F
Therese Burge A6416793BA6B109925F50E18FDD97BC4273EC7DEB752FB49201DD2AA87652961
Anisha Musser 45852DEAEE3E54859EE15845D257A65D564802C88044A125792A3FFA03A8EB40
Mikel Bain AED58DF9E2715A4FB916F16D6F5FBAEA33871B8D37C8E7FA9E1095C23DA08F11
Shandra Fain 464CF645D9959BCED6517E3BEFBEE6AEB249A2CF1DBA7D50946F7B58E0A80E27
Sachiko Pickens B0541DAD2A479E41713634CCCA5ACDD8D548C1E39D4204564A0BE00DA082A9E3
Lise Lancaster 2CFACD5B0CBA4D4BDB4E6CA1EECCD4A0F0246C184AED157516674F5206213546
Brook Justice 05E30E128779A31CD02F7BE189FE60FDF81BAEBEF8D30CB9D682F6A0648167F2
Tess Chong 46593B60566A6AF50B6DA39F0FFC5C86B735EF2DA93679488DE056EE665DB971
Nickole Grigsby FF2AEBC2F40B5561C47F1979546CF207FF7CC49001DCB0B8B06BF0883E082EC6
Twana Willson BBC9F8338FB05B59963308D84BCCA7B515AB0B5E9B2A93423E39ED42C25940D3
Eneida Milner 70BF2E26B371042E4FF986B56899DE2DBE3E1A1F52678188E0BFFF7055101648
Octavio Mckee F78220E950609FD817BD01D820FAC6FFDFDA0A3A0235B44C5B0103FA4783D718

Kevin also finds a small, hidden video tucked away:

The group then starts to dial the decoded numbers from the contact list. Most have been deactivated. While researching, the group gets a call from the Jellyman. He has a job for them and he asks them to meet him in an hour.

They delay in order to finish going through the list. Some numbers are still active, including Tess Chong which, when called, a familiar voice answers: the Jellyman. They make their way over to the Pink Door to meet the Jellyman, who is disappointed that they took too long to come to meet him so he gave the job to another team.

Kevin confronts the Jellyman on why he was in Warren’s contact list. The Jellyman explains that Warren, aka PlugNPlay, was a member of one of Warren’s shadowrunner teams. One of his best teams. He was a little off before, but he now becomes more visibly upset and explains that he feels that Warren’s team was setup. They were on a run when they were ambushed. Warren died, and the other team members:
Howling Moon, male ork, deceased
Drake Tooth, human, in ICU
Victoria Lanthier, elf, unknown whereabouts, believed dead
Crag Bossk, human, currently in prison

After leaving the Pink Door, the group decides to visit the hospital first. On the way, however, they are attacked on the street by a sword wielding group. One, the leader escapes, but leaves the party quite bloodied.

Session 2
The Jellyman

Characters present:
Kirt Kelson

As Kirt pulls his sword from the lifeless body of Big Mac, a girl bursts out from hiding and yells BIg Mac! No! She runs over to the dead body of Big Mac weeping. After a moment or two, she looks up at Kirt and Cloud and intently studies their faces. Cloud tries to console her, but to no avail. Eventually, she quickly searches Big Macs jacket, grabs something and runs. The two let her go.

Kirt invites Cloud to his meeting with the Jellyman. When they arrive at the Pink Door, they are shown into the back office where the Jellyman is waiting. Already in the office is another shadowrunner, Kevin, looking for work. After some chit-chat, the Jellyman thinks that these three may somehow, someway, form a team. He has no jobs for them currently, but to promote team building, he gives them passes to the Golden Corral in Loveland where they will be taken care of by Ms. Penelope. Kirt and Kevin partake in everything that the Corral offers, and Kirt even takes a hit of Novacoke. Cloud goes to the Corral, but does not indulge. While Kirt and Kevin are in a back room, Cloud watches the dancers and a group of UCAS soldiers from nearby Fort Lewis who are getting a bit rowdy.

The soldiers are asked to leave by the Ork bouncer: Gorgeous George, but refuse and a fight ensues. Cloud intervenes with a well timed illusion and the UCAS soldiers leave.

Session 1
To the Jellyman

Characters present:
Kirt Kelson

Kirt has decided, willingly, to enter the shadows and become a shadowrunner. To start, he has set up a meeting with an old contact of his father’s, known as the Jellyman, at the Pink Door in downtown Seattle.

Taking a wrong turn, he finds himself in an alley and is quickly accosted by two would-be thieves: Big Mac and ?. With the help of a passer-by, Cloud, the thieves are dispatched.


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