Frost Shock

Human - Cloud's Contact - Hacker - C:5 L:2


Final Age: Sacred Arts (FASA) character: Level 121 Healer


Inside the game world of FASA, Frost Shock is a dedicated, well-connected, controlling player. Outside the game, she’s even more so. Cloud met Frost Shock the same day he met Sentinel. It’s turns out, while Cloud and Sentinel were off gaining their 5 minutes of fame for being the only two surviving members of a successful world-first legion-raid, she was playing the healer that died saving them three minutes before the boss’s health reached zero.

At first their relationship was strained due to Frost Shock receiving next to zero credit for her efforts leading to the kill. In fact she went so far as to undermine his success in the game as much as she was able, for a time. The trio were able to bury the hatchet once Frost Shock was accepted into a rival top-1,000 guild due in large part to a well-worded recommendation put out by both Cloud and Sentinel to the guild’s leader. Today Frost Shock has leveled her primary healer toon to level 121 and leads the same guild Cloud and Sentinel got her into, [Second Rate], now ranked in the top 100.

Outside of FASA, Frost Shock is some sort of big wig hacker or corporate decker. She deals in information and is not to have her time wasted. She plays hard and works hard. Cloud has his sweet Hermes Icon commlink courtesy of Frost Shock, a hand-me-down she outgrew.

Frost Shock

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