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  • Welcome

    Characters present: [[:cloud | Cloud]] [[:kirt-kelson | Kirt Kelson]] Log: Kirt has decided, willingly, to enter the shadows and become a shadowrunner. To start, he has set up a meeting with an old contact of his father's, known as the Jellyman, at …

  • Session 2

    Characters present: [[:cloud | Cloud]] [[:kirt-kelson | Kirt Kelson]] Kevin Log: As Kirt pulls his sword from the lifeless body of Big Mac, a girl bursts out from hiding and yells BIg Mac! No! She runs over to the dead body of Big Mac weeping. …

  • Session 3

    Characters present: Cloud Kirt Kelson Kevin Log: By either fate or serendipity, it turns out that all three members of the Jellyman's newest shadowrunner team knew the now deceased Warren Montgomery in some way, and were invited to the reading of …

  • Main Page

    *The Sixth World*
    [[History]] [[Corps]] [[Lexicon]]
    [[Auburn]] [[Bellevue]] [[Council Island]] [[Downtown]] [[Everett]] [[Fort Lewis]] [[Outremer]] [[Puyallup]] [[Redmond]] …

  • Corps

    There are ten megacorps that have a AAA rating from the Corporate Court (hell, they are the Corporate Court). They have all the gold, so they make the rules. Know this: The megas don’t care about you.

    *Ares Macrotechnology* [[File:380535 | …

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